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A Chinese Medicine clinic serving the Black Hills community.

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Come see us at 522 W. Jackson Blvd.

Services and Techniques

Acupuncture is just one of the various healing methods within the scope of Oriental Medicine.  Below you will find descriptions of acupuncture and some of the other services/techniques that may be utilized during your treatment.  Often a patient will be advised to take an herbal formula in addition to receiving acupuncture treatments.  Not all methods are appropriate for a given patient or condition.  The method of treatment(s) utilized will be carefully considered by the practitioner and discussed with you prior to treatment.  If you have a particular interest in one or more of the services, please ask and we will determine if it is appropriate for you.



Herbal Medicine

Dietary Therapy/Nutritional Counseling


Hours of Operation
Treatments are available by appointment.
Please call 605-644-6141, or email to schedule an appointment. Or come on by.
522 W. Jackson Blvd., Spearfish, SD 57783 
Consultation and Acupuncture Session:       $60
Current College Student:                                 $45 

Under age 18:                                                    $40 
US Veterans:                                                      Veterans may be covered                                                                                             through the Care in the                                                                                                 Community program with a                                                                                         referral from your VA                                                                                                   primary healthcare provider.
Herbal Formulas:  The cost of an herbal formula is additional to an acupuncture treatment and varies, depending on which herbs are needed, type of formula administration, and dosage.