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A Chinese Medicine clinic serving the Black Hills community.

some herbs used in herbal formula
Herbal Medicine
Roots, stems, leaves, flowers, mushrooms and minerals may comprise an herbal formula. Administration of a formula could be in the form of dried herbs which one decocts into a tea at home, or it may be pre-decocted and cooked down into a powder form which one simply adds to warm water. 
Where acupuncture is working from the outside, herbal medicine is working from the inside.  For this reason, it is often most productive to utilize both modalities together, especially in cases of chronic, stubborn disorders.  
cupping therapy
When utilizing the cupping technique, a vacuum will be created in either plastic or glass cups and applied to the body (most often the back and shoulders). One patient described it as a "reverse massage." In the process, stagnant microcirculatory vessels are broken up in order to promote the flow of new blood to the area. The characteristic deep red circles, as one may have seen on the backs of many olympians, can also serve as a diagnostic tool for the practitioner, indicating the depth or extent of stagnant blood and lymph circulation.
dietary and nutritional counseling
Dietary and Nutritional Counseling
The choices one makes in his/her daily food intake is where a patient can really impact and take control of their own well being. Truly! We eat three times a day, and every cell in our body is derived from the components of what we ingest and absorb. Dietary health consists not just in the particular foods that we choose, but also the way in which these foods are prepared. Equally important are the environments in which we have our meals, how slowly we chew, and the state of our minds during mealtimes. I strongly urge every patient to carefully consider the effects of one's dietary habits, and enjoy eating in a whole new way.
moxibustion therapy
Moxibustion is a warming technique in which the dried mugwort plant is condensed and burned and held near the surface of the skin, or placed on the skin with a barrier between. The indications for "moxa" treatment are many. An example is for aches and pains that worsen with cold or damp weather.
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